Couples Counseling

My practice is on pause while on parental leave - I am unsure of plans to return to work at this time.

Considering Couples therapy?

People pursue couples therapy for all kinds of reasons - to uncover and heal destructive patterns, to build intimacy and more trust, to navigate challenging life circumstances, and to generally learn how to love each other better.


You don't have to be at rock-bottom to get guidance and it is not a failure on either of your parts if you are. Being unhappy in relationships is normal and often leads to seeking help which opens up opportunities for growth and healing. Tending to your relationship can transform your dynamic into a site of deep intimacy and nourishment.

My Approach

I use an active approach to couples counseling that brings attention to the "how" of relational interactions. While particular issues get addressed in this process, the focus remains on the quality of interaction not the nitty-gritty details of any given conflict.


I teach couples how to attune to one another, connect with their individual truths, and share more bravely. My inspiration comes from the fact that while relationships often are the site where wounding occurs they can also be the wellspring of repair and healing. I help couples find ways to be that wellspring for one another. 

I use a somatic and experiential approach, which means that we won't simply talk through issues. Rather we will slow down enough to feel into how issues play out in the body. We often will do explorations using gesture, movement, and mindfulness.

Who I Work With 

I work with monogamous and polyamorous relationships and with folx across the sexuality and gender spectrum. I love to support any couple looking for ways to cultivate loving and authentic connection - for some, that has meant deepening toward commitment and for others it has meant supporting a change in relationship status or uncoupling.

Cost and Other Logistics

$130 / 55-min session      $185 / 85-min session


We can discuss the duration and frequency that works for you. Generally for couples I recommend every other week for 85-minute sessions. 

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