I'd be honored to officiate your wedding

Your ceremony should capture the spirit of who you are and be an authentic reflection and celebration of your love.

I am ordained by the Universal Life Church and offer non-religious ceremonies that draw on nature and body-wisdom. The preparation process and the ceremony itself are a rich opportunity for deepening, growth, and healing. I work with queer, straight, polyamorous and monogamous relationships. Each ceremony is different and reflects the unique love being celebrated.


Getting to know you...

We will begin by meeting so that I can get to know you and the story of your relationship. This  so that I can honor you authentically during your ceremony. This process is designed to also guide you through a process of clarification and intention setting. I utilize my couple counseling skills as we explore what love, bonding, and commitment mean to you. We will discuss how to protect and nurture your connection during the wedding planning process and into the future. Think of this as an unconventional, non-religious, pre-marital counseling session.


Shaping the ceremony...

This is a highly creative process and I encourage as much of your participation

as you have energy and excitement for. We will explore metaphor, art and beauty, and ritual. We will draw from your cultural and spiritual customs and traditions. For some that means drawing from the lineages they were raised in and for others, it means embracing the culture of "chosen family". I will make sure we are clear on what props or ritual objects we need and how other loved-ones might be included in the ceremony. Most importantly, we will make sure to include elements that will help you stay present for this momentous occasion. 

On the day...

I will be available to emotionally support you on your wedding day leading up to the ceremony. I can help you get present and connected to one another, which might look like finding a quiet place to check-in or getting into your bodies with movement and breath. When it's time, I will guide you through the beautiful ceremony we've created. Our process is completed with a few logistical pieces, such as getting signatures for your wedding certificate. 



A large redwood-forest ceremony that connected community with nature elements, storytelling, and poetry.

"It takes someone who is creative, compassionate, and empathetic to be able to craft a ceremony around the participants in such a way as to reflect and amplify their own love for one another. It's obvious, from the very first conversations with her, that Zeyah is that person. She listened and understood what we envisioned and then took it and made it real and better and special in ways that we could not have imagined. We feel so fortunate to have had that experience with her."

- L & K Medina 


An intimate elopement at the beach that drew on nature metaphors 

"Our wedding plans were dashed twice-over. First by covid-19 and then again when the forest fires canceled our back-up wedding plans. This is when Zeyah stepped in and took the time to talk with us about our grief. She kept a grounded, low pressure, and optimistic perspective rekindling our hopes. Zeyah created a "plan-C" with homework assignments that guided us back into the process and that helped to make meaning of all that had happened. She led a gorgeous ceremony that exceeded our expectations. In the end we would not have wanted any other way.

- S & R Carter


Cost and Other Logistics

I am based out of Portland, OR. and am open to local and destination weddings. Currently, with covid-19 our options are limited but it doesn't mean it isn't possible. Let's get creative so you can have a magical ceremony despite our current limitations.


We will start with a complimentary consultation so you can ask me questions and get more information. Once we have an idea of the scope we can discuss cost. 

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