Somatic Explorations

With Zeyah Rogé, MA, MFT Intern, RYT-500, LMT

I AM ON PARENTAL LEAVE and don't have a clear plan of when I will be returning to couples therapy work. I am not accepting new clients at this time.

Slow down... tune in... and deepen your relationship to yourself and your surroundings. Learn to posses an "embodied curiosity" and enjoy more emotional and physical balance. 

Take part in interactive learning opportunities in bodywork, anatomy, yoga, and somatics. Also, check out upcoming special events such as seasonal classes, retreats, and collaborations.

Zeyah creates and officiates personalized, non-religious, wedding ceremonies. Zeyah will offer you guidance and support throughout the process and help you clarify your intentions for this beautiful right of passage.  

What is Somatics?

Somatics is a body-centered approach where we sense our inner world as it shows up in the present moment. It radically engages the body as integrated with our thinking-mind, social contexts, and physical surroundings. 

The field of Somatics originated in 19th century Europe and resonates with many indigenous ways of knowing. It was founded and developed by rebels who question the status quo and influenced by dance, bodywork, psychology, and philosophy. 


Somatic-based learning offers an experiential understanding of the material. Students can feel the nuances of the material while simultaneously integrating it into the body. For example, when I teach anatomy I guide students into the feeling of their own anatomy. When I teach about equity issues, students connect with how systematic power feels on the inside. This boosts curiosity and makes content more personally relevant and relatable.

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Zeyah Rogé (Pronouns: She/Her and They/Them)

I am a healer and educator based out of Portland, OR. I arrive at my work after a long journey of pre-medical studies, public health, and social justice work. I first stepped into healing work as a teenager when I got involved in community organizing and health promotion specifically around HIV prevention, sexual health education, and queer and transgender wellbeing. My work has evolved since to include movement, dance, bodywork, and psychology. I have kept my grassroots and social justice lens alive throughout.


My masters degree is in Somatic Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies and I hold advanced certifications in Massage Therapy and Yoga. I teach weekly yoga-inspired classes and teach movement educators about anatomy, the nervous system, trauma healing, and accessibility. 


My Portland therapy practice was established in 2016 after interning for a year at the Center for Somatic Psychotherapy and at the Women’s Resource Center in San Francisco, CA. There, I received in-depth training in body-centered therapy techniques and had supervision focused specifically on examining systematic oppression and anti-white supremacy in therapy.


I continue to receive trainings and supervision - as I am a life-long learner! Some notable trainings are in Comprehensive Sexual Health Education, through San Francisco Sex Information and Planned Parenthood; Somatic Experiencing, a body-based trauma resolution modality developed by Peter Levine; Hakomi, a mindfulness-based counseling approach developed by Ron Kurtz; and Bill Bowen's Psycho-Physical approach to couples therapy.


In 2020, I shifted my therapy practice away from one-on-one therapy and solely work with couples and others who are in relationships together. This has been a meaningful way to connect back to my first love: sexual health education; only now, with the added important layers of trauma healing and attachment theory. So much of our emotional wounding and societal inequities play-out within relationships. Therefor relationships are a very powerful site for repair and healing!


I want to thank the individual who asked me to be more explicit about my social location on my website bio. I understand the importance of potential clients and students knowing this information upfront and so I’ve included it here:

Gender: non-binary with cis privilege

Sexuality: Queer

Race/Ethnicity: White; French and Ashkenazi Jewish

Ability: Able-bodied and nuero-typical. (With that said, I have dealt with my fair share of mental and physical health struggles.) 

Class: Middle Class 


I am a relational healer and will discuss this more in person upon working together especially if it is an important aspect of your healing work.

When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my community, growing vegetables and flowers, and adventuring in nature.


Weekly musings, inspiring poetry, and community announcements. All posts are from instagram: @zeyah_somatics.


For inquiries about therapy, please note: I am accepting couples at the time (I am no longer accepting new individual clients).  You can read about my approach to couples therapy here.


Thank you for being in touch! Note, it may take a week for a response.

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