Somatic Explorations

With Zeyah Rogé, MA, MFT Intern, RYT-500, LMT

Couples Counseling

Every relationship deserves support... and not just during the hard times. I can help you move through stuck places, teach you how to relate more honestly and guide you toward more intimacey. 

Yoga & Mindful Movement

Slow down... tune in... and deepen your relationship to yourself and your surroundings. Learn to posses an "embodied curiosity" and enjoy more emotional and physical balance. 

Courses & Events

Take part in interactive learning opportunities in bodywork, anatomy, yoga, and somatics. Also, check out upcoming special events such as seasonal classes, retreats, and collaborations.

Wedding Ceremony

Zeyah creates and officiates personalized, non-religious, wedding ceremonies. Zeyah will offer you guidance and support throughout the process and help you clarify your intentions for this beautiful right of passage.  

What is Somatics?

Somatics is a body-centered approach where we sense our inner world as it shows up in the present moment. It radically engages the body as integrated with our thinking-mind, social contexts, and physical surroundings. 

The field of Somatics originated in 19th century Europe. It was founded and developed by rebels who question the status quo and influenced by dance, bodywork, psychology, and philosophy. 


Somatic-based learning offers an experiential understanding of the material. Students can feel the nuances of the material while simultaneously integrating it into the body. For example, when I teach anatomy I guide students into the feeling of their own anatomy. When I teach about equity issues, students connect with how systematic power feels on the inside. This boosts curiosity and makes content more personally relevant and relatable.


A somatic approach to movement and creativity starts with connecting with the body and following present-moment impulses. It shifts away from esthetic, performance, or achievement of a particular form. This can enliven any creative medium, such as dance, writing, or visual arts. When I teach yoga classes for example, I compliment alignment-based teaching with somatic explorations where students are encouraged to deeply listen to their bodies and organically move from that place.



The body is a potent doorway into unconscious habits, unresolved wounds, and healing. This is helpful when we can't simply "think our way out" of our struggles. As a somatic psychotherapist I guide my clients toward their bodily-cues (i.e. muscle tensions, postures, and sensations), which illuminates the patterns and carves out healthier pathways that result in feeling better.

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I am a healer and educator based out of Portland, OR. I have a masters in Somatic Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies and hold advanced certifications in Massage Therapy and Yoga. I have extensive training in Somatic Experiencing, a body-based trauma resolution modality developed by Peter Levine, Hakomi, a mindfulness-based counseling approach developed by Ron Kurtz, and Bill Bowen's Psycho-Physical approach to couples therapy.

I arrive at my work after a long journey of pre-medical studies and public health and social justice work. I am dedicated to examining power dynamics and inequities and continue to seek out mentorship to engage in these themes. I draw great inspiration from nature and when I am not working you can find me adventuring outdoors or elbow deep in my garden.


Weekly musings, inspiring poetry, and community announcements. All posts are from instagram: @zeyah_somatics.


For inquiries about therapy, please note: I am accepting couples at the time (I am no longer accepting new individual clients).  You can read about my approach to couples therapy here.


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Zeyah Rogé

MFT Intern, LMT, RYT-500

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